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Now about to enter high-temperature hot summer temperatures in high fever, it is easy to heat stroke, car is the same, some use of frequent or heavy system load devices, such as Tire , Air-conditioning system, lubrication system and so prone to failure. Thus a car in the hot summer, will need special care, the following are some summer car maintenance tips. Related Reading: Enjoy the cool of a summer special summer car maintenance all captures   Summer foil for the car Some attention

1, to prevent Puncture Summer pavement temperatures often above 70 , automobile tires as a long time at high temperature on the road, increased pressure within the tire, at this time if there is damage or weakness of the tire is prone to puncture. Therefore, the summer should pay attention to maintaining the provisions of the tire pressure. High-temperature heat, especially when hot afternoon, should be appropriately reduced speed.

Vehicle to be equipped with effective fire fighting equipment.

2, try to avoid prolonged Travel

Extremely hot conditions, should avoid prolonged driving. Traffic on the way to note a timely break. Parking should be kept in a cool, ventilated place choice. If the thermometer pointer has been that close to the high temperature zone, and you have to stop the car, the engine Extinction "Fever." If the water to the radiator cooling lines must be careful not to get wet.

Best to develop a regular cleaning your radiator piece of good practice, this can increase the engine's cooling effect can also reduce the engine overheat, for maintenance, they should pay attention to the fan belt can not be viscous oil, to prevent slipping .

Summer, hot weather, open-air car parking to the rapid warming, sealed enough for people and livestock died, so even a short period of time to leave, they should take away children or pets.

3, replace the wiper to ensure the best vision on rainy days

Rubber wiper on the leaf with the years of aging will affect the wipe effect.

To get the most clear in the rain Drive Line of sight, the best two years to replace a windshield wiper.

4, fuel tank cap must be tightened

At high temperatures, oil and water evaporation will naturally increase. Fuel tank cap to reclosable, tubing to prevent oil leakage; always check the water level of the water tank, crankcase Engine oil Oil surface, the height of the brake master cylinder Brake Fluid Surface height and density and liquid electrolyte within the battery height. When the working fluid is low, add the required timely manner.

5, to prevent fires Hot summer weather, so the vehicle must not carry inflammable and explosive materials. If it is necessary to bring the article, you must ensure that they are not placed in the compartment where the sun can be sunlight. Do not smoke in the car, to avoid fire.

6, anti- Auto Paint Damaged

Although it does not seem to life, but there are really afraid of drying, long-term exposure would send the old, wrinkled. Ordinary beauty waxing, although some role, but because any wax all contain silicon components, well-ultraviolet radiation will rust paint, leaving little spots. And the wax itself will not achieve increased hardness, the role of UV will be lost very quickly due to high temperature and, therefore, should be stopping the car parked in the shade.

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