Market research on automotive in india

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The automotive industry in India is one of the world most prominent economic zones. Many business enterprises jointly undertaken by more companies, who share the initial investment, risks, and profits with foreign association in automotive sector. The Government of India (GoI) has allowed 100 per cent foreign equity investments.

Our report "Automotive in India" elucidates overview, exports, dominated by domestic players on the subject of two wheelers, three wheelers, passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle.

It also covers the details regarding evolution of automobile industry from five players to more than 35 players on market overview. The key trends catering details on exchange outreach ranges, CNG distribution, improving product-development capabilities, increase of auto-financing activity in India by RBI.

The most modern commence of Tata Nano, the world's most low-priced car has positioned the Indian automobile market on the global automotive chart and this reports reveals placement of Indian industry is expected to be seventh-largest automobile market by 2016.

There are enormous opportunities for various company players including manufacturers' automobile components players. Our report "Automotive industry in India" moreover broadly scrutinized the current performance and upcoming outlook of automotive industries. FDI investment between 2000 and 2010 are provided on the aspect of investment And data sets are provided from 2000 through to 2016.


Report Highlights:
 New forecast of Indian automotive and related activity to 2015.
 Market Analysis of automobile industry in India

 Detailed study of PVs, Tri-wheeler, Two-Wheeler Production and exports in India
 World passenger car Companies are taking advantage of India as a manufacturing base
Report Features:
 Market Segments on Automobile industry
 Demand on Foreign Direct investments in India
 Market Overview on Automobiles production and exports in India
 Indian Automotive Rankings
 Focus on Domestic and Foreign investments


Industry infrastructure
 Growth drivers
 Key trends
 Key players-Domestics
 Key players-International
 Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in automobile industry
 Investments by international companies
Policy and regulatory outline
 Auto policy 2002
 Automotive mission plan (AMP) 2006-2010
 National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)
 Department of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
 Policy schemes for Automobile industry
 Favourable regulatory policies
 R&D centres in India by international players
 Emerging R&D destination –India
 Zone wise NATRiP centres in India
 Product Development capabilities
 MNCs & Sourcing plan in India
 Scope of Imminent Small car segments
Key contacts


List of Tables:

Table1: Automobile production and exports 2005-2010(US$ Billions)

Table2: Key players-Domestics

Table3: Key players-International

Table4: MNCs & Sourcing plan in India

Table5: Scope of Imminent Small car segments

Table6: Two-wheeler production in India (2009-2010)

Table7: Two-wheeler exports in India (2009-2010)

Table8: Production of Passenger vehicles

Table9: Passenger Vehicle exports from India

Table10: Commercial Production in India

Table11: Commercial exports from India

Table12: Three wheeler–Production and exports trends

Table13: FDI in Automobile industry

Table14: MNCs & Sourcing plan in India

Table15: Scope of Imminent Small car segments

List of Figures:

Figure1: India Advantages-Vision 2015

Figure2: Automobile production and exports 2005-2010(US$ Billions)

Figure3: Automobile production in 2009–2010 segments wise

Figure4: Indian Automotive Industry Ranking

Figure5: Evolution of automobile industry from 5- 35 players

Figure6: Automotive group on India Zones

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