Global Retail Trends 2009

Global Retail Trends 2009

Selected Findings:
India – a booming retail market
­ The Indian retail market is the fifth-largest retail destination globally, it is estimated to reach US$ 427 billion by 2010 and US$ 637 billion by 2015.
Rural hypermarkets in India are growing at a blistering pace, providing multiple services from creating a platform to buy and sell farm products to banks and restaurants. ( )

Global - Discounters – winners of the global recession
­ Discounters already account for 18% of grocery spending across Europe and it is predicted that they reach 20% in 2012 as lower disposable incomes and higher food prices put pressure on many household budgets.
By 2012, Russia will emerge as the second biggest discount market in Europe, behind Germany and ahead of France and Spain whose discount markets are also worth over euro20 billion.

USA – Multichannel transactions are growing
­ Due to growing cross channel and online shopping, by 2012 nearly 50% of transactions in the US are expected to be executed with the consumer crossing channels.

Global - Electronics: Netbooks will boom in 2009
­ Netbook shipments are forecasted to nearly double in 2009, rising 85%, to eight and a half million units. Even as more consumers opt for lowerpriced netbooks, the category will reach .4 billion in revenue in 2009.

Europe - Households Appliances show large growth potentials
In European households more than 180 million appliances aged ten years and older are still in use, offering a large potential for new energy saving appliances.

Global - Luxury remains an attractive segment in the future
After a strong expected decline in the Global Luxury Market in 2009 (-10%), it is predicted that the recovery lasts until 2012 – with a market volume reaching euro 174 billion. Despite current negative trends, long-term prospects for the luxury market remain strong.

The report is devided in three parts:

1. General Retail trends
Incldudes retail specific trends of selected countries or global trends, which are not related to a specific assortment or sales channel.

2. Distribution Channels
The reports includes selected trends of all major retail channels, which are:
Convenience Stores
Department Stores
Discount Stores
Supermarket/Hypermarket Stores
Multi-Channel: Online/Catalogue/Mobile
Retail Services

3. Assortments
This section includes trends related to selected assortments, such as:
Household Appliances & Home Furniture

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