Automotive Marketing: Boardwalk Maserati

The green revolution is catching up on the automobile industry with car companies making fuel consumption a requirement in designing their new car models. Maserati is going green with the redesigned Maserati Quattropole installing downsized a V6 and V8 engines with a stop-start technology that will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15 percent, a first for a four door luxury car. Boardwalk Auto Group one of the largest luxury car dealerships in the Texas area has the Maserati Quattropole in their Boardwalk Maserati showrooms. Brian Ongaro, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Boardwalk Auto Group and their team of sales and technical professionals will give you the information you need about the Maserati brand.

Maserati is the family name of a group of Italian brothers who built and drove winning race cars in the beginning of the 20th century.

The Maserati brothers first worked with the Diatto Company. They developed and raced winning race cars for the Diatto Company. When Diatto decided to stop production of their race cars in the 1920s the Maserati brothers decided to produce their own race cars. In 1926 the first Maserati race car was built and it won the Targa Florio race. This started a long and illustrious tradition of building winning race cars under the Maserati name. It was at this time the emblem of the company, the Trident, was designed by one of the Maserati brothers and it has been the company’s logo ever since.

The brothers continued to build and drive winning race cars from the 1920s to the 1940s building a very good reputation for the brothers and Maserati in the car racing industry. This is why even when they sold their shares to the Orsi Family in the 1930s, the Maserati brothers continued to be involved in the production of Maserati cars. Until the war intervened Maserati was a leader in the race car circuit. After the war, they started building race cars again developing trailblazing race car technology that saw numerous victories for the Maserati team in many racing events. This was cut short when tragedy struck during the 1957 Mille Miglia race, an event that forced Maserati to stop producing race cars altogether.

This started the development of Maserati road cars which produced the 6 cylinder 3500 2+2 coupé, the V8 powered 5000, the Sebring, the Mistral coupé, the Spider, and the company’s first four door, the Quattroporte. Maserati saw a slump after having been acquired by Citroen and then by Alessandro de Tomaso. It was not until Fiat came into the picture in 1993 that Maserati experienced a surge in its production of well-designed, fast, powerful luxury cars. With Fiat it was able to produce the 3200 GT, a two door coupé whose engine can make the car go from 0 to 60mph in 5.5 seconds, re-introducing Maserati’s tradition for speed in the luxury car industry. In 1997, its arch-rival Ferrari bought 50 percent of the Maserati shares from Fiat and in 1999 completely owned the Maserati brand making it the Ferrari luxury brand. With a fresh infusion of Fiat and Ferrari technology, Maserati regained ground with the production of top sellers such as the MC12 road supersports, the GT racer which had an Enzo Ferrari chassis and engine under its hood, and the luxury saloon Quattroporte with V8 engine. Maserati has since been welcomed back in the States and is one of the most popular luxury car brands to date. They have also been seen in the racing circuit again with the Maserati Trofeo winning races keeping with the tradition of the Maserati name.

If you are a Maserati fan, Boardwalk Maserati is the showroom to visit. The staff of Maserati technicians and sales people are waiting to give advice and information on any sales or leasing question. Boardwalk Auto Group is one of the largest luxury car dealerships in the Texas area. Sales and Marketing is headed up by Mr. Brian Ongaro, Boardwalk’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. They are a group of the most highly trained professionals in the luxury car industry.

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