Automotive network marketing survey

ultra-Qi Cheng respondents sustained attention to car information

The survey shows that 73.4% of the respondents have been concerned about the auto information. More than half of respondents were concerned about the car category for the price, evaluation, promotion and the new car market. From the population characteristics change, the respondents plan to purchase more attention to price and promotion information.

The network is becoming more common today, the Internet has become the consumer the most important access to information, the respondents to obtain the type of site of automotive information portal auto channels and vertical professional automotive Web site.

3, buy and test drive is the most attractive network activity of the respondents

Currently, the network has become the most important channels of access to information has also become an important part of the manufacturers marketing natural.

Network of information explosion, attention, and stimulate users to participate in interactive online marketing could be considered a better spread. The survey shows that 47.5% of respondents would participate in the Group Buy, Second, online activities to attract respondents for the test drive, and online booking cars and hot topic discussions. Further analysis, we found that the buy activities and online vehicle activity within one year of the first purchase of the respondents plan to purchase more attractive.

4, nearly half of respondents online shopping of automotive related products

In recent years, with the popularity of online transactions gradually for people to accept.

The survey shows that nearly half of the respondents purchased on-line car related products, but mainly to the automotive supplies and accessories.

At the same time, respondents network to buy a car related products focused primarily on factors trading platform reliability, service protection, product quality and price.

Respondents believed that the types of models is more suitable for the network to buy  This problem is somewhat difficult for the majority of no real online shopping experience in vehicle products of the respondents, therefore, that "all OK" to consider the respondents accounted for a certain proportion. But by the breakdown of comparison, we found that the change of the respondents plan to purchase more popular well-known brands and has a price models.

Fully visible in the network is becoming more common today, the Internet has become the most important medium for people to obtain information. A high degree of concern of the car class information in the ordinary consumers, the consumers of different types of preference information on various types of vehicles is slightly different,Main products: car dvd player  with good quality.  but the difference is small, price, evaluation and promotion of information is the most talked about the first three types of information . Automobile portal channels and specialized vertical automotive Web site is the site of the most talked about cars. Buy, test drive and on-line car is the most attractive to consumers online interactive activities.

In the network at the same time become a major information media, online shopping for people to accept. Nearly half of respondents have online shopping experience of the automotive-related products, but mainly to the purchase of automotive supplies and accessories, vehicle as a large consumer purchase process is more complicated, so the proportion of vehicle online shopping is currently very little. For consumers, a good reputation, well-known brands and price models more excited Portal purchase desire.