Basic Auto & Truck Repair Automotive Tools

If you want to be a good weekend auto buff it is often said that a tradesman – or this case the budding automobile mechanic is only as good as their tools. You cannot do much work on your car, truck or Sports Utility SUV vehicle without proper tools. On top of that having on hand the “proper” tool rather than a make do all size fits anything variety makes jobs a breeze that would be both hard to finish to beginning or auto repair project to end.

In the vast majority of cases the average homeowner and this case auto owner already has a good basic set of tools that includes screwdrivers , hammers , perhaps some wrenches. Toss in a plug in ac or rechargeable screw driver along with perhaps a rechargeable screw driver and you are off to the races.

However many of the tools of the trade of auto and truck repair and repairs that are useful and indeed essential are specialized tools in themselves that are basically required to make car care safe and economical.

In most cases these tools will pay for themselves handily after only one or two uses. In other cases you may be lucky enough to borrow them from friends and family. In other cases some big box auto repair outlets will rent or loan you the tools with a deposit and perhaps a rental fee. There are always lots of options available.

Overall the recommendation from professional auto mechanics is not to take what you might think is the easy road and purchase tools whose predominant role is to speed up a professional mechanics work. If you do not how to complete a task safely and thoroughly the old slower way why speed it up. Its only mud thrown against the wall resulting in a bottleneck quicker so to speak.

For many a weekend and amateur mechanic or car maintenance buff it’s a hobby of labor and love. The do it yourselfer can afford to work at a more leisurely pace and thus need not acquire tools whose main role is to speed up the process of completing a job rather than mainly getting the job done. You are not Mr. Goodwrench.

It’s a new world out there with both metric and the older standard US imperial measure sets of precision tools such as wrenches and gauges easily available on the automotive market whether at your local auto supply store or big box outlets. Other tools such as ratchet extensions, punches and drill chucks whose exact size and sizes are not critical or crucial to their function are usually sold in the “real” tool measurement standard for many old timers that is good old fashioned inches, feet yards or what ever your heart desires.

Lastly never take the short cut route out when it comes to auto tools. Buy quality.

Quality pays in the long run it does not cost. Secondly check if your car or truck requires metric, imperial or both or both types and varieties of tools. Never ever use imperial tools on metric components or vice versa. Have fun on your project cars in your garage.

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