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"And compared to vehicle companies, Auto Accessories Despite the large number of companies and dealers, but the lack of well-known brand with strong appeal, and enterprises, the competition between the products still remained at a low level of price war level. "The industry characteristics are participating Car Seat cover, cushion, pads supplies manufacturers unanimously agree.

They think, car seat cover, cushion, pads brand within the industry much-needed awareness of the industry from the industry average consumer brand recognition to the general public brand transition.

Lack of well-known brand

"Now includes pads business, including domestic automobile supplies industry has taken shape, but the industry's main problem is not many well-known brand, product awareness is not high, due to lack of appropriate national standards, the market fake and shoddy products . The car mat manufacturers in the branding on the emergence of a vicious circle, the more high-profile brand manufacturer, the more focus on corporate image and brand building efforts, the number of unknown but small businesses, small workshops, the blind to 'white label' imitation, so that their industry increasingly narrow path. "3D Model mats Fuqua special general distribution in Henan Xin Haifeng that with the rapid development of the industry, leading enterprises of the rapid growth and industry standards the gradual establishment of the brand development and management will be the industry's development trend.

Zhengzhou Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the eternal automotive supplies a comprehensive wholesale business, the manager of the company I Long Qiang, said their company currently Proxy There are 14 car seat cover, cushion brand for this market is also a deep understanding of consumer characteristics, "the current supplies of these cars do not have a well-known brand to achieve the degree of lack of consumer awareness throughout the industry with high brand . "

Erqian auto service manager Dingfeng Mei Corporation that the car seat cover, cushion, pad these three car supplies, new car purchase is the most basic trim, while the second of these car supplies consumption rate is relatively high, making the future, these basic automotive supplies market, demand has increased. "But now the market still lacks sufficient market power of big brands, especially in Henan local manufacturers and brand recognition in the market is still very low."

"With the increasingly younger car buyers, 80, 90 after the group will become the mainstream consumer market automotive products group, they are subject to Education High, in the purchase auto seat cover, cushion, mats and other supplies will pay more attention to culture. The future direction of this market is to 'sell culture', and some brands have begun to take action in this regard. "Founded in 2001, Zhengzhou, Hing Wai Automotive Decorative Products Co., Ltd. has been the car seat cover, seat cushion as a business focus, Wei-Feng Zhang, general manager of the company's view, which makes the brand of this industry is the industry transition to the Volkswagen brand.

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