Automotive Thermal Coatings

Thermal coatings for automotive parts are in ever-increasing demand, as they provide a level of protection and enhanced safety that manufacturers and drivers covet.

The following is a summary of three of the main types of automotive coatings and their function within the automotive industry.

Dry Film Coatings:
Dry film coatings are designed to create a permanent lubricated surface to impede galling and the seizing of automotive components. The suggested application process allows the coating to become an intrinsic part of the component rather than a coating on the surface.

Dry film coatings can be applied to:

Piston Skirts
Cylinder Walls
Crankshafts & Camshafts
Bearings & Gears
Valve Stems & Rocket Pivots
Engine Blocks
Oil Pans
Valve Covers

Thermal Barrier Coatings:
Thermal barrier coatings reduce the heat transfer of automotive components that operate at high temperatures.

These coatings are used throughout the automotive, commercial truck, heavy equipment and performance racing industries. Automotive products given thermal barriers coatings increase vehicle performance, reduce maintenance cost and protect against corrosion.

Thermal barrier coatings are most often applied to:

Piston Domes
Combustion Chambers
Valve Faces
Exhaust Systems and Components

Heat Dissipation Coatings:
Heat dissipation coatings, when applied to the surfaces of automotive components, transfer heat away from the substrate, resulting in improved efficiencies, performance and longevity of the coated parts as well as the vehicle. Heat dissipation coatings are ceramic bonded, thermal-conductive coatings that help prevent corrosion and damage related to chemical and solvent attack.

Heat dissipation coatings are used on:

Brake Drums
Oil Coolers
Transmission Cases
Lighting Equipment
Heat Exchangers
Transmission Coolers
Air Conditioning Condensers

APS Materials is now offering NIC industries Cerakote™ line of thermal coatings. This includes dry film lubricants, thermal barrier coatings, heat dissipation coatings, and ceramic coatings.

APS Materials provides thermal spray solutions for the automotive industry as well as the biomedical, semiconductor and aerospace industries.

APS' engineering staff offers more experience in adapting thermal spray coating solutions to the resolution of problems than perhaps any other institution in the community. APS has coated aerospace materials for General Electric’s Aircraft Engine Group (AEG) and medical implants for 7 of the top 10 medical manufacturers worldwide.

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