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German luxury car maker Audi AG is releasing their 2012 version of the Audi TT in the U.S, this year. The new Audi TT RS will prove to be a faster version of its European counterpart with an extra 20 HP from its turbo charged 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine. The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Boardwalk Auto Group is one of the largest luxury car dealer groups in Texas and are staffed with the most knowledgeable sales and technical professionals in the business to give you the information you need on anything Audi. They have the latest and most popular Audi car models in their Boardwalk Audi showroom. Brian Ongaro, the new Boardwalk Auto Group Vice President for Sales and Marketing leads the team of Boardwalk marketing professionals in bringing you the latest luxury cars in the market.  

Audi AG has had a long and illustrious career in the luxury and race car world.

The very first Audi, the Audi Type A Sport Phaeton, was built in 1910 by August Horch & Co.

The story of how Audi got its name is an interesting one. August Horch, after striking up on his own, was barred by his former company to use his name in any of his automobiles. One night he invited a few of his friends to think of a name for his new car company. As they discussed, his son who was studying Latin in the room and listening to the conversation, interrupted his father and his friends to suggest the name ‘Audi’. He explained that since ‘Horch’ in German means ‘Hark’ or ‘to hear’ it would make sense to use the Latin interpretation ‘Audi’ which means ‘to listen’. They considered it a brilliant idea and adopted the name instantly.

August Horch continued to run his company until the 1920s when he decided to sell it to Jorgen Rasmussen, owner of the German car company Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (DKW). A decade after that, in 1932 Audi became part of the Auto Union. A group of four German car companies composed of Horch, DKW, Wanderer, and of course Audi. This is where the four rings, which eventually became the Audi badge, got developed to symbolize the four Auto Union companies. The first ring represents Audi, the second DKW, the third Horch, and the fourth Wanderer. Auto Union, however, used the four rings only on their race car models not their road car models. This is why Audi as a car brand remained unknown to car buyers until the 1970s. This is when Volkswagen bought 99 percent of the company and introduced the Audi brand to the United States with the Audi 100, the Audi 50, and the Audi 80.

A decade after that the very first Audi performance car and rally racing car was released to the market, the Audi Quattro. With its permanent all wheel drive it went on to win many rally races. Its success proved the viability of all-wheel drive race cars and established Audi as a dominant race car brand. The Audi Quattro’s performance in rally races elevated the Audi brand into a leader in automotive technology. After earning the admiration of the car industry with a succession of popular car designs Audi soon aimed to develop cars that can compete with fellow German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This ambition bore the Audi V8, a prettier version of the Audi 100 fitted with a new engine. It was during this time Audi hit a rough patch and encountered consumer complaints about unintended acceleration on their cars. They have since fixed these problems and acquired better technology in the construction and development of their car models. They lead in the development of car body shells with the 100 percent galvanized car which prevents car corrosion. The full body zinc coating on Audi cars prevents rust and increases the durability of the cars by more than 12 years. Another car technology contributed by Audi is the use of aluminum space frame which was introduced by the Audi A8 which makes it the lightest all-wheel drive car in the luxury segment.  

If you have had an Audi in your wish list for some time now then hurry and go to the Boardwalk Audi dealership to order and know more about the new Audi TT RS and other Audi car models you may want. Brian Ongaro, vice president for sales and marketing at Boardwalk Auto Group and the team at Boardwalk Audi are waiting to give you all the information you need to know everything you want to know about any Audi car model.

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