Automotive supplies industry design contest


In 2010 HC Zhejiang hand activities, I had the honor to Tiantai tracking reports. And production base of China's auto supplies xinhezhen deputy mayor should be civilized, were a deep interview. In this interview, Mr. Civilization, not only from the point of view as I interpret the New River automotive supplies industry, but also from a business perspective, I answered a confused for a long time the problem: the proliferation of car seat cover industry, homogenization, plagiarism seriously the creativity of the enterprise in the end come from

Product design as the soul of the car seat companies, many business owners to show off the key point, but asked its designer, the majority of enterprises, but hesitated, half-heartedly. Among these, the composition of the protection of trade secrets, and naturally there are some guilty conscience is suspected.

Just look at the market to sell hot products, will be behind closed doors "open up" creative move of such creativity be brought when the bright spot at the same time, can not help but have a guilty conscience of business owners.

However, because the relationship between economic and contacts, allows these business owners caught up in such a situation and unable to extricate themselves. So how to solve the problems of these enterprises, so that creativity is difficult to resolve I suddenly see the light of a design contest information see Mr. Office should be civilized.

Through the display of pictures, some bold, full of vitality, creative design at the same time impress the I chord, but also to the author of the glorious future of the automobile decoration industry the addition of a self-confidence.

Just part of the Design Competition 2009 "New River Cup" China International Auto Supplies seat cover / cushion / headrest / pillow Category finalists list will allow us to deeply feel the fresh vitality of the industry as a whole.

Enjoy the pleasure of the graphic display into more deeply infected by this vitality. Main products: car dvd player, in car camera, are with good quality.

Joint with the school, to fully tap the great potential of college students, in order to resolve the bottleneck of the current car decoration industry, in the process of the corresponding civilization Interview with Mr. touch start on April 15 to the fashion and technology, creative design "as the theme," Innovation Cooperation and Development, "a news conference for the purpose of the 2011" Tiantai Mountain Cup Car Accessories Design Competition has been a strong response.


China Car Accessories Design Competition in the news conference, Zhejiang University, International Design Center Dr. Yang Zhongliang detailed interpretation of the adoption of this interpretation, we can easily imagine, the integration of the car inside and outside the jewelry category, automotive Recreation Products vehicle. The design concept of the full field of electronics, mechanical products such as automotive supplies convened the contest will be the entire Chinese automotive supplies industry, what a huge impact. While the import of domestic and foreign outstanding design concepts, in order to adapt to new trends in the market and consumers on the design of automotive supplies, new demand for the purpose of the run game, I believe will also highlight the rooftop of the government's responsibility at the same time, the entire automotive supplies industry market to bring some touch, touch you for this with the author